Sink and bath tap replacement
We replace dripping or faulty taps at a fixed price and all we ask is that you (if you are able) send a photo of the tap so that we can source a suitable replacement for you. If you prefer to buy your own replacement taps that’s absolutely fine we are very happy to install them for you. We can repair your toilet flushing or overflowing issues and often on the first visit. We carry a large range of parts for all the common faults. If the toilet is of an uncommon type we are happy to source the parts required and will return promptly to complete the repair for you.

We do not unblock toilets or work on waste water plumbing/drains.

An important part of any heating system is the radiators. Not only do they need to heat the room they occupy efficiently but position and type are also important to our customers. We can move radiators to a more convenient location, upgrade to a larger size to provide more heat or install something fancy like old fashioned school radiators, modern art types or a simple towel rail for the bathroom. We can also install new radiators in previously unheated rooms such as garage/loft conversions, conservatories or extensions.

Plumbers Newry, Rostrevor and Warrenpoint.

Hot Water Cylinder
Your hot water cylinder should last 10-15 years. If your cylinder is over 10 years old it will be less efficient than a new one and is probably full of scale. Your hot water cylinder, if not replaced will, one day, either leak or become so full of scale that you will not be able to draw sufficient amounts of hot water.

We can replace your cylinder at any stage.

Unvented Hot Water provides hot water at mains pressure (the same flow you receive from your cold tap in the kitchen sink) which means that you can fill baths quickly, have powerful showers with no noisy pumps and run several outlets at the same time with little or no reduction in flow. Unvented hot water is ideal for larger properties with several bathrooms/en-suites and can also be fitted in a small flat to increase hot water flow when there is no access to the loft space.

Stored hot water that is at high pressure and sealed from the atmosphere needs to be installed and maintained by a suitably qualified company/engineer. TND Heating and Plumbing is not only fully trained in this area but also has many years of experience.

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