Finding the Right Plumber in Northern Ireland is easier than you think

First off- what exactly requires a plumber? Plumbing has several subsystems such as hot water supply for bathing, cold water supply for drinking, traps and drains, septic tank system and “grey water” treatment system.

Also included, to the surprise of some, is the heating gas piping system in most homes as it involves a system of pipes although it no longer concerns water, but is still plumbing-related nonetheless. So whether it’s water or gas-related, seek the services of a professional Northern Ireland plumber.

A good starting point is to ask friends/relatives/neighbours who they use. It’s also wise to use a member of the Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering – members have to hold recognised qualifications in plumbing and/or extensive experience. As with all other tradesmen, get at least three quotes and when asking for quotes find out if there is a call out fee, how many people will be doing the job and if the price per hour includes all the workmen or if more is charged per plumber.

Some people don’t like asking for a written quote, but you should do this anyway – unless there are any unforeseen costs, the final bill should not deviate too far from this initial written quote. Clearly explain all of the work you need doing – write it all down if possible. Ask how long the job will take. When you have found a plumber and the job is completed, ask for a full breakdown of the bill so you know what you have paid for.

In the case of gas, always use a CORGI-registered plumber. CORGI is the national watchdog for gas safety in the United Kingdom. Their goal is to make people safer when they use trades people. They strive to improve standards in the industry and are also useful in helping you find and use safe and competent trades people

Don’t always go with the cheapest plumber. While price is important, saving a few pounds can cost you in the long run with shoddy or inexperienced workmanship and poor materials. Most plumbers have served time as an apprentice, so should be able to talk about their experience if asked. Good Northern Irish plumbers, from Belfast to Coleraine, Ballymena to Banbridge, stand over their work, and will go the extra mile to ensure a quality service.

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