5 Tips for Choosing a Driveway in Northern Ireland

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1. Selecting an impressive colour & design to compliment your home should take serious consideration. Properly installed driveways will last decades. The choice you make & material you select may be the last for your home. Over do it and you will make your home look out of place within the surrounding environment. Craftsmanship is key to making a good visual impression, because people will notice if the materials are installed & maintained properly. Impressive finishes in a wide variety of colours add character & beauty far beyond standard driveway installations. Real driveway art where the look and designs make strong visual statements, are the envy of every home owner – they also add value to your home.

2. Size is important- be certain that trees are several feet away from your driveway to avoid having mature roots erupt through the surface, and keep the area free from tree limbs or shrubbery that could scratch cars. Make sure your driveway is at least 10 feet wide, a span that allows enough room for larger vehicles, and keep in mind that curving driveways must provide enough space for turning cars.

3. Choose the right contractor and lay the “project” foundations before beginning. The contractor must understand your requirements clearly, and should have this written down. This also includes making sure the contractor has liability insurance, has a written contract outlining the work to be done and the fee to be paid, and has references or at least some other work you can look at. This makes weeding out the “cowboys” easier!

4. Drainage. Remember, most driveway surfaces are not porous and therefore rainwater, carwash foam, oil spills etc have to go somewhere. This usually involves some type of camber and drainage solutions to ensure that water is efficiently drawn away.

5. Materials. From brickpaving to concrete, asphalt to loose material, your choice will influence budget, durability and aesthetics of your driveway.

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